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Northern Lights Conference Final Standings (as of 5/24/16)





Games Left


**Teams Guaranteed a State berth

Note: Homer 15-4 win over Soldotna 5/10 forfeited due to clerical confusion



Thanks for a Great Season- Thinking about next year!




2016 Calendar/Money Raffle Details and Winners


Purchase at Homer Medical, ATR, Kyah at Gear Shed, Cosmic Kitchen or email me and I will have a player contact you-wmbell51 at gmail

Recent and Upcoming Raffle Week Winners and Prizes

Dollar Amount
Sponsor and Occasion
05/23/16 $50 to #767 Homer Vet Clinic
05/24/16 $200 to #343 Dr. Brent Adcox
05/25/16 $50 to #916 All season's Honda
05/26/16 $50 to #730 Ulmer's
05/27/16 $200 to #042 Redden Net- Gear Shed
05/28/16 $200 to #748 Cosmic Kitchen
05/30/16 $100 to #088 City of Homer
05/31/16 $75 to #073 Harmon and Pauli Hall
06/01/16 $100 to #960 +Cosmic: Gift card $25- Ellie Syth B-day-
06/02/16 $500 to #422 Homer Jeans-will be posted after return from Fairbanks
06/03/16 $500 to #326 State Tournament - Fairbanks-will be posted after return from Fairbanks
06/04/16 $500 to #929 State Tournament - Fairbanks-will be posted after return from Fairbanks
$0 Kyah Doughty Birthday...No Money but Happy 18th  
  Thanks to Sponsors Everyone for their support this season. We are thankful for our Great Community  




Raffle Calendars

Fundraising this year will be selling our raffle calendars. The Money giveaway starts the first day of the practice season so it is good to start selling the calendars early. They are now available at Homer Medical if you want to get them in packs of 10. I expect ( depending on player turnout) that we will be aiming for each player selling 25-30 of the calendars. If your parents want to sell them at place of business that can be arranged also. There is a 1:10 chance of winning money and the average return will be over three times what they pay for the calendar.





Pick-Click-Give for the Mariner Softball Foundation-Follow instructions in Fund Raising


Remember shopping.escrip.com to earn for Homer High School Softball!

New Way of using Escrip from a mobile phone. Seems lucrative to us

Search under Homer High School Softball or use 500003814


Annual Escrip Renewal-Time Sensitive-Thanks

Escrip has changed. Be sure to sign in to their new site and confirm your commitment to Homer High School Softball. Can use the Online Mall. Safeway is out....sad to see them go but they have been very good to us. Thanks to Bob Malone and Safeway.

Instagram: #marinersoftball, #ballsoftlysohard2k16

"Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: Some things are within our control, and some things are not. It is only after you have faced up to this fundamental rule and learned to distinguish between what you can and can't control that inner tranquility and outer-effectiveness become possible."
-- Epictetus.




Updated Mariner Softball Records


More incredible life advice from Cindy- Her teaching and voice stay with us




One of my goals as a coach is to teach you that you always have a choice in thoughts, attitudes and approach to life. Maybe the result will not be perfect but at least it will be you directing your life. Here is a summary of thinking that process through.



Your Core is the Secret to our team success.


Tom Hansen's Mental Toughness Quiz

Fun Article: Ted Williams vs Joan Joyce


THE Six important words from Parents


Practice without progress is meaningless

Practice without Intensity is an insult to your teammates

Reaching for Excellence

Thank our sponsors, they help make it all possible

And especially, Thanks to our Parents for support

If you have a plan for improvement, have you put it in motion?

Control what you can control-effort, intensity, focus, self-critique



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